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Betheljahr for Refugees

The Betheljahr is a voluntary service in social and health care in Bethel. It serves as an educational and orientation time and can help to get to know the life in Germany better, to improve the language and to orientate yourself professionally.

Place to work: You help one year in a social setting. This includes working with old, young, sick and disabled people. You can get involved in the hospital, the elderly, the dormitory or even in a workshop to help people.

Seminar: During this year you have seminars. Here you can meet other volunteers from Germany and other countries and share your experiences from the work. In addition, you will be educated on various topics in the social and health care sector.

Important to know:

  • A voluntary service takes 12 to a maximum of 18 months
  • You work 39 hours per week (part-time is possible)
  • You need a stay and an employment permit
  • First knowledge of the german language is required
  • In the end, you will receive a qualifying certificate or a certificate of service
  • A pocket money is paid
  • You receive health, accident, pension and long-term care insurance
  • You have 27 vacation days
  • A dorm room can be arranged if necessary

If you want to socialize for a year, just apply!

We provide basic information for Refugees in the following languages so that you can decide whether the Betheljahr is right for you:

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